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    https://d2wldr9tsuuj1b.cloudfront.net/2994/slideshows/homeCustom1920x625/Monstrance.jpg Special Hour of Adoration Join Father David each Sunday at 3 p.m. in Havana as he leads us in Eucharistic Adoration. More About Adoration /adoration _self
    https://d2wldr9tsuuj1b.cloudfront.net/2994/slideshows/homeCustom1920x625/slideshow_02.png Year of the Eucharist We are taking special care to focus on the importance of this Most Blessed Sacrament. Bible Studies, Eucharistic Adoration and Pilgrimages are just some of the things that we are using to bring ourselves closer to Christ. Find out more /news _self
    https://d2wldr9tsuuj1b.cloudfront.net/2994/slideshows/homeCustom1920x625/Rosary.jpg Weekend Rosary Join us 30 minutes before each mass to pray the Rosary together.
  • St. Patrick's Monstance

    Year of the Eucharist

    Our three parishes began a “Year of the Eucharist” with the feast of Corpus Christi on Sunday June 3, 2018.

    We are being invited by God to enter more deeply into the mystery of Jesus, truly present among us in the Most Blessed Sacrament. To help facilitate a deeper devotion to Jesus in the Eucharist, there will be a “cool quote” included in the bulletin each week from the saints, about our belief in the Eucharistic presence of Jesus.

    In addition to the cool quote, Fr. David is leading a special Holy Hour of Adoration each Sunday afternoon at 3:00pm at St. Patrick’s in Havana. During this time Fr. David and the Holy Spirit will teach you how to pray more deeply and you will experience a deeper peace in your soul as well as a deeper union with God. Please arrange your schedule to come as often as you can and witness the transformation of your own heart in Christ Jesus.

    Find out more
  • Support Bread of Life Bakers

    The Bread of Life Bakers is based out of Immaculate Conception in Manito and run entirely by volunteers lead by a group of ladies that formerly owned a bakery in Manito.  They specialize in Povitica bread which is sold each Holiday Season. Pizza, cheesecakes and other baked goods are also available to the communty at various times throughout the year.  All the proceeds go towards paying for the new church and hall built in 2015.

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    • “When you have received Holy Communion, close your bodily eyes so that you may open the eyes of your soul. Then look upon Jesus in the center of your heart.”
      St. Therese of Avila
    • “In an ever-changing world, the Holy Eucharist is a constant reminder of the great reality of God's changeless love.”
      St. Mother Theresa
    • “Recognize in this Bread what hung from the Cross and in this Chalice what flowed from His side”
      St. Augustine of Hippo
    • “The greatest love story of all time is contained in a tiny white Host”
      Venerable Fulton Sheen
  • Who is 3 for the Trinity?

    We are a community of three Parishes serving East Fulton and all of Mason Counties under the Pastoral Care of Father David Whiteside. While the trip from St. Mary's to Immaculate Conception is 30 miles we act as one Catholic Community praying for, working with, serving and supporting each other. Like God is Three in One, we like to think our three parishes make one wonderful community. 

    We have a wonderful church family who is very active both within our parishes and the surrounding community. Rural West Central Illinois is a needy area and we look to do our best to help our fellow man. We have a variety of events and service opportunities throughout the year.